Shipping, returns, and laundry (yes, all of it)

Shipping: It’s free for domestic orders over $75, take advantage.
Returns: There aren’t any, unless it’s really ugly or something went wrong. Just give me a holler. Donations are sent immediately once an order clears, so if you paid, your donation was already transferred over, and who pulls back a donation? A dick. Don’t be a dick.
Laundry: The super cool vintage-look print may appear faded and may fade more over multiple washes because we use an eco-friendly water-based ink that soaks into the garment. That’s ok, unless you want to poison our water system then you suck as a person. Just flip the garment inside out and wash it on cold with mild soap/detergent; items may shrink a little after the first wash, that’s because most of the items are 100% cotton and oh so good for your skin. No dry-cleaning, no irons, it’s eazy peezy La-TEEzy. Just enjoy that $ht.