How to buy - customizable option

This where it gets cool because we’re not like any regular brand. Note that all of our items are gender neutral, so get whatever you want without worrying about who it's for, it's for everyone! 
You have 2 ways to buy your La-TEEzy:
1. Just buying what you see here, it's eazy peezy, La-TEEzy, get it?
2. Uber personalized customization: Want a different posiTEEzy* YOU came up with on a particular item/garment? Just send us a note and I’ll make that gorgeous custom-made shtuff in English and Arabic using the same design, just for you, because you’re awesome, don’t forget it. 
What to send? Just click here and let me know what you want to say in English and the Arabic text for the back for the translation. Also include the item you would like designed by pasting the link in your note. We can then chit n' chat about this n' that and take it from there! 
*$20.00 surcharge added to requests for re-design and translation in accordance with the La-TEEzy design theme.